Saturday, June 29, 2013

Heroes' Tale: Venomous Crawler

Here's my first reveal of a card illustration for a role-playing trading card game called "Heroes' Tale", a project by Merlino Entertainment that I'm happy to be a part of, which was successfully funded on Kickstarter!

Creature Lore:

"Feast upon their flesh..." - Swarm Commander

The Venomous Crawler is a very effective unit in Ulek's army. It is covered with an assortment of spines and claws with venom that can paralyze its foes. The Venomous Crawler is not as large as its bigger brother, the Hive Warrior, so it relies on grouping up with larger units or swarming with others to bring down its next meal. One of its favourite tactics is to find resting travelers where it can quietly sneak in and paralyze them, leaving them to eat at leisure.

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