Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Stylish Art Dump

Been painting random pieces lately but haven't posted them on this website yet.

"You gonna help him?"

Another KP sketch, this time featuring BEE. (inside joke-ish, I think? But it's a Twitter thing and there's this bee Knife Party has around that gets wasted all the time)

I LOVE Tron Uprising. I've watched it twice and probably going to keep re-watching it until I get sick of it - which won't happen. Everything about the art direction, story, and characters I love - I'm just very sad that the show was never finished. :( I really wanted to paint a piece of fan art for it, so here's Ryan from my MOTH story if he existed in the Tron universe.

Silence's "Black Magic"
     - Another one of the EDM Arena realistic paintings.
     - Colour was explored in this one. The painting's overall colour scheme comes from Kill the Noise's album "Black Magic".

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