Thursday, June 6, 2013

Watercolour Lazer Fire

I started a new series of paintings focusing on realism and effects:

Top: Lord Pendulum's "Watercolour"
     - Main focuses here were painting specular on the eye and helmet and most importantly, the water splashes. I'd never painted water in motion before, so this one was a challenge at first.
     - Upon finishing the piece, painting the shape of the moving water was the most fun - getting it to look transparent but still reflective was tricky (had to mess with several layer styles to get it right). Also, the water's transparency turned out best when I made it grayscale, not a blue tint.

Middle and bottom: KP's "Lazer Fire"
     - Painting KP in realism was super simple, so I focused on trying to nail the effects on these two: lasers, fog, and fire.
     - Challenges I came across for these two: getting the fog to look transparent but overlay the laser lights (again, playing around with multiple layer styles), and painting fire. Like Lord Pendulum's water, [R]KP's fire was tricky, as it's very organic and hard to capture a constantly moving entity. The fire is comprised of two painted fire layers, then layer styles on top of that.

Hope to tackle some more characters and special effects.