Wednesday, August 14, 2013

KP Plushie: Bee Skin

A little while ago, I designed a Bee skin for KP:

For those who aren't familiar with Bee, he's a backpack that Knife Party carries while touring and posts pics of him on Twitter doing shenanigans. Also, Bee loves vodka. A lot.

So I got sick of drawing for a while and decided to make a Bee KP plushie: 

Bee was supposed to be the same height as G and R KP, but his head turned out pretty good after sewing it all together (sewing the heads is the hardest part of making KP plushies)... so I just kept going with it anyway. Plus it kinda worked for Bee to be smaller than G and R.
Second trickiest part of sewing Bee was making the Bee backpack. Lots of small detail (i.e. painting the face), and this was the first time I've sewn plastic bag material (for the backpack's wings).

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