Thursday, August 1, 2013

KP 3D Model - Revise

About a year ago, I made a 3D model of KP. (You can find the original post of it here.) It was kind of a flop, but I wanted to go back and fix all the notes I received on it from peers and pros to make it suck less.

This is the revised model. At first glance, not much has changed, but these were the fixes I applied to it:

- Adjusted and cleaned the topology.
- Re-rigged him so now his shoulders deform better.
- Made eye geo instead of putting them in the texture.
- Scrapped the sword and shield diffuse map I had in the last iteration and put everything into one texture map.

Then I wanted to take this model a step further by creating a different skin:

Not sure how to do the Haunted or Electric skins yet... need to read up on UDK's Cascade...

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