Sunday, August 18, 2013

Process Log 21: Veil, Dragon of the Holy Element

Back in 2009, I drew a sketch of a boss "dragon" for a made-up RPG called "Ayanseila". Then I redrew the sketch 2 years later and then proceeded to render it in Photoshop...

It wasn't until 2013 that I FINALLY decided to finish this character. This is where I left off in 2012:

The biggest aspect about this painting that bothered me was Veil's legs. There's no way the gold armour on its forefeet could bend that way - and I don't know why I thought that looked good at the time - so I redrew the lower body and tweaked a few more parts of the painting to get this:

This was the first painting where I used Photoshop's Lens Correction filter.

A little bit about this character:
- Veil is one out of seven, elemental boss dragons and the toughest one to find in the game. It resides in a hidden chamber in the Capitol at the fallen city of the Holy element, guarding whatever's left inside the Capitol.
- The Holy element is pretty much equivalent to "Light". It boasts healing and defensive properties. Its weakness is the Tempest element (combo of Wind and Ice).
- Unlike most of its brethren, Veil is not an aggressive creature and only fights the player as a challenge/side quest battle.

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