Thursday, July 5, 2012

KP 3D Model

I need to improve my 3D modeling, so I took the time to model KP, my Knife Party inspired character. More info and the original turnaround sheet for him can be found here.

(Made an edit: lowered the main body diffuse to 512 and the sword and shield to 128. The main body was originally 1024 and the sword and shield 512.)

This was the process of making KP:


Fuck you, sun!


  1. dig the pose and style.

    for the shield I would suggest manually adjusting the polys to lowering your count.

    also look to utilizing mirroring on your texture for the shield. It may make sense to find a solution that gets you the face and the shield with the same texture space.

    anytime you have lots of areas of flat color ... you may want to reduce your texture usage some more by having a multi material object ... define these regions with polys and split them up into materials without textures. black with no texture, just a one constant for diffuse.

    the value pattern relationship between the sword, body and shield makes its look like the sword is cutting through the guys body because the back of the shield is a similar value to the body. I think you need a clearer shape for the body to get the sword to read its behind.

    1. Thanks a lot for the detailed feedback! There's a lot of aspects I need to fix on this guy, texture management definitely one of them. As far as using materials instead of textures, that'll definitely be helpful, especially for future projects with a similar style and shader to this character.

      I'll do a repost of this character when I get the chance, fixing everything that needs to be improved.