Thursday, July 19, 2012

Updated 2D Portfolio and Personal Work

Just letting you all know that I've been reworking my 2D Portfolio. Most of my cute, otherwise style exploratory pieces are in my Personal Work, so I've been switching pieces to put into Personal Work and adding new cute stuff to the page that matters.

Here's a new piece that I added:

I've always loved games that involve training and customizing little monsters, (*cough* Pokemon) and I had always drawn concepts for little creatures since I was little. Now I have some proof of that past obsession.

Chibimorpha is a recent game idea comprised of multiple ideas that I've had developing customizable monsters. A little bit about the Aggromorpha and the concepts shown above:

- The Aggromorpha is an aggressive little beastie that doesn't get along with most morphas, but it is among the strongest and hardiest buddies you'll encounter. Although it's a land-based morpha, it's happiest when playing near water.
- There are special items in the game that can potentially change the look of your morpha. The skin and item concepts listed above are only a few that I came up with on the spot.

I hope to post more Chibimorpha concepts on the blog, otherwise I still need to rework my 2D Portfolio. Further updates tba.

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