Friday, July 20, 2012

"Pikachu Used Thundershock"

This is the name of my favorite playlist on iTunes. It's always updating, but it currently has 31 songs, all electronic, ranging from drum and bass to dubstep.

I've been wanting to do this for a while:

Here are some of my favorite artists on this playlist, or, at least artists who have mascots or trademarks that can be personified. This is their break down from left to right:

Lord Pendulum (derives from Pendulum. His info can be found here)

KP (Knife Party. His info can be found here)

Redmau5 (Deadmau5)
     - I did the least amount of alterations with this design, mainly because I didn't want his head to be too crazy. I wanted to keep the head simple and easily recognizable.
     - He's an avid gamer with a cat. (same as Meowingtons, Deadmau5's cat)

eS Ce (South Central)
     - South Central is noted for the two guys that make up the group who wear black hoodies. Images of them and their album art are often black and white, so I kept these traits in developing their design.
     - eS Ce (pronounced "es see") is one body with two conjoined torsos. I made this character look like a ball jointed doll because I thought it would be cool for the torsos to switch facing sides by turning the upper body.

SkriRex (Skrillex)
     - For the longest time, I just wanted to redraw the Krillex doodle that was on the Internet because it was so cute, but I thought if there was another creative twist I could put to Skrillex's name. "Rex" came up in my head and then this t-rex skrillex happened. :'D

These guys were so much fun to do, a good break from portfolio work.


  1. These thirty characters from all 6 "batches" are amazing im probably no one to you but your art work needs appreciation. I wanna see these in or on things. Games, shirts. maybe u can even get the actual artists to adopt them.

  2. When I first saw the word "Skrillex" I legit thought it said "Skillrex"